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About The Logo Chic

Founded in 2007, we have been helping clients not only to promote their brands but also help them discover themselves. We carefully listen to what our clients say but also what they don't say to help them find that perfect promotional item.

We have become a true design house of promotions specializing in designing your promotion or event from beginning to end and down to the last detail. We love coming up with ideas that will get your brand noticed and remembered!

Whether it is a corporate gift, a fundraiser, brand awareness or employee retention we will be sure find items that reflect your company's vibe and convey just the right message. 

TLC State of Mind



The Logo Chic Difference? A Complete Marketing Solution For Your Brand!

Kimber Boetger The Logo Chic

Kimber Boetger

I'm Kimber, the CCIC of The Logo Chic which translates to the Chief Chic In Charge!

Instead of just dreaming an impossible dream, I had to BELIEVE what I thought was an impossible dream...that was me 15 whole years ago as I took a giant leap of faith to put my blood, sweat and tears into being a small business owner....proud to still be standing...not without a few battle scars, but with lessons learned, great business relationships gained and some new visions for growing my business!!

It would not be possible, however, without the support and encouragement of my dear family, friends, clients and vendor partners. I have found true strength from those that have expressed their belief and pride in me


We are dedicated to continue offering the same level of customer service, creative ideas, high quality branded products while building mutually beneficial was time to elevate our brand, do a little refresh and bring even more sass, shine and swank to what we do. In the meantime, take a look around and enjoy the spankin' brand new logo-licious website.

We'd love to know what you think of the groovy new look.

Let us help bring TLC to your brand!

Peace, Love and Promo,


Why the "right" promotional item matters....

84% of people stated that branded merchandise increases brand awareness. 

For Your Business:

  • Instant brand recognition

  • Build customer loyalty

  • A catalyst for word-of-mouth marketing

  • Encourage repeat purchases

  • Contribute to revenue

  • Create connections and conversations

For Your Company Vibe:

  • Raises employee morale

  • Welcomes new employees

  • Drives productivity

  • Promotes employee engagement

  • Reminds employees of company values brand mission

  • Builds unity


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